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Ozone Generator Airozon® 28 ECO

Whether hotels and room rentals, property management companies, public transport companies, bus and taxi companies, car dealers, car rentals or boat rentals – an ozone generator such as the Airozon® 28 ECO from Trotec should be an integral part of the company’s own cleaning machine park at all these companies.

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With four-stage adjustable ozone output and a timer function for a treatment preselection between 0 and 135 minutes, the Airozon® 28 ECO effectively neutralises odours in rooms or vehicles and disinfects the interior air and surfaces. Both overnight guests and passengers will certainly appreciate this hygiene service with its odour-free fresh air effect. The remote operability of the unit enables it to be installed and commissioned even in places that are difficult to reach or to be activated outside the room to be treated.

In addition to the effective elimination of unpleasant odours in textiles, upholstery, covers, curtains or wallpaper, for example waste odours, body odours, smoke odours, odours from pets and farm animals or urine, ozone treatment with the Airozon® 28 ECO also enables the elimination of microorganisms such as bacteria, mould spores or viruses on surfaces and in the room air.

Airozon® 28 ECO is very easy to use and offers many advantages, especially over conventional cleaning methods:

  • Automated treatment deployment without personnel commitment
  • Very time-saving procedure
  • Also suitable for unplanned rapid deployment
  • Works even in places that are difficult to access and often cannot be reached with mechanical methods
  • Can be used practically at any desired location – all you need is a power socket
  • Residue-free disinfection and odour elimination without chemicals

The operating principle of Airozon® ozone generators

1. For ozonization, the generators of the Airozon® series make use of the oxygen present in the ambient air as a molecular compound.

2. The ambient air is sucked in by the ozone generator and undergoes an electrical discharge process in the device, whereupon the biatomic oxygen molecule is split by the applied energy into two individual oxygen atoms as free radicals.

3. The atomic oxygen recombines (A) with an oxygen molecule to ozone.

4. Ozone is a very strong oxidant with a high reaction potential and therefore an effective reagent for decomposing interfering substances in the ambient air. The radicals bound in the ozone molecule are released from the molecular compound (B) and react with any substance in the ambient air, even if it is present in very low concentrations. This oxidative decomposition of airborne and stationary pollutants (e.g. in floors, walls, ceilings) causes an odour neutralisation as well as a disinfection by killing viruses, bacteria, moulds and cancerogenic as well as allergenic microorganisms.

5. As a result of the oxidation of oxygen atoms with reactants, the ozone molecules are transformed into oxygen molecules.

6. Due to their metastable bond, non-oxidized ozone molecules also decompose back to oxygen after a certain time without leaving any harmful residues. In indoor rooms, the half-life of ozone under typical conditions is usually in the range of 30 to 60 minutes, which means that the ozone concentration in the room air naturally halves at least every hour.

7. Technical oxygen regeneration: Ozone generators with an integrated oxygen regeneration cycle, such as the Airozon Supercracker, can significantly reduce the period of natural ozone decay into oxygen (6) by noticeably accelerating the process through active oxygen conversion of the ozone.

Why is Airozon® ozonization so effective?

Ozone is one of the strongest naturally occurring sterilizers in the world and, due to its bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal disinfection properties, is an effective means of eliminating microorganisms such as bacteria, spores and viruses.

In nature, ozone is created in higher air layers by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and close to the ground, for example as a result of lightning strikes or waterfalls. Air and water are continuously cleaned by this naturally occurring ozone. The highest natural ozone concentrations can be found on the sea coast or in alpine and forest areas – places where one feels automatically refreshed. The human sense of smell is able to perceive ozone even at very low concentrations of 0.1 to 0.2 particles in a million (parts per million – ppm).

Strong oxidizer to eliminate germs and odors

Due to its high oxidizing power, ozone is also highly reactive with odor-producing molecules and changes their chemical structure, resulting in odorless molecules and purifying the air. Therefore, the application of ozone to the air is a fast and effective method for the sustainable elimination of even the most persistent odours. The ozone generated by Airozon® also destroys infectious viruses, bacteria and germs on surfaces such as in room air by diffusing through the protein envelope into the nucleic acid nucleus, where it destroys the viral RNA.

In large industrial plants, technically produced ozone is therefore preferably used for drinking water treatment, disinfection and treatment of swimming pool water, for water treatment in the food and beverage industry or for the treatment of cooling and process water. But ozone is also used in bleaching, for example of paper or textiles.

What is useful to industry on a large scale can also bring many benefits to your business on a smaller scale:

The Airozon® ozone generator allows ozone to be used very flexibly at any desired location for oxidative disinfection and odour elimination – exactly the field of application for Trotec’s Airozon® ozone generators.

Viruses and bacteria can also be effectively eliminated by Airozon® ozonization

Airozon® ozone disinfection of hotel rooms, holiday homes, rental cars, boats or taxis costs neither a lot of money nor time, but leaves a sterilized environment free of germs and the risk of infection, and therefore a reassuring feeling of well-being for guests, tenants, customers, residents or visitors. Compared to the labour and personnel-intensive spray and wipe disinfection, ozone disinfection can be carried out fully automatically and without the use of additional chemicals.

In times of Corona, you can offer your customers an important hygiene extra by hygienically sterilising hotel and conference rooms, apartments or accommodation such as vehicle interiors, free of germs on surfaces and in the air. Your customers will also appreciate Airozon® ozonisation “after Corona”, because the treated interiors remain pleasantly odourless!

Advantages for the practice:

  • Handy compact unit for disinfection and odour neutralization with variably adjustable ozone output
  • Clear LED control panel with function and status displays
  • Practical remote control for commissioning even in difficult to reach places or from outside the room to be treated
  • Four-stage adjustable ozone output from 7,000 to 28,000 mg/h
  • Timer function for a treatment preselection from 0 to 135 minutes
  • Integrated stainless steel pre-filter prevents contamination of internal components
Weight6.3 kg
Dimensions37.9 × 20.2 × 28.5 cm


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